The role of alloying elements in CA6NM martensitic stainless steel 8

The role of——micro alloy elements in CA6NM martensitic stainless steel tube


Adding micro alloy elements Ti, Nb and V in martensitic stainless steel tube is usually expected to form a nitrogen compound with C and N. As a result increasing the strength of the steel. Ti is a stabilizing element. At the same time it is a fine crystalline element. Ti can form a variety of stable carbon nitrogen compounds. Finally Ti (C, N) can effectively increase the toughness without sacrificing strength. The addition of 0.1% Nb in CA6NM martensitic stainless steel can effectively reduce the precipitation of the rich Cr ions. Because Nb can preferentially combine with C and N atoms to form nanometer grade Nb rich precipitates (5-15nm). The homogeneous distribution of rich Nb precipitates can significantly increase the strength of the steel and hence optimize its plasticity and toughness.


CA6NM tube chemical composition
CA6NM tube chemical composition
mechanical property of CA6NM martensitic stainless steel
CA6NM martensitic stainless steel
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