Hearth roller structure optimization and cost control(2)

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Hearth roller structure diagram  show Fig 1

2. Finite element analysis of a hearth roll
1). Establish finite element model of the size of the actual structure of the hearth roller. Using software ANSYS of finite element analysis to analysis. In the modeling process of hearth roller finite element, simplify some the original structure appropriately:

hearth roller
hearth roller structure diagram  Fig 1

(1). Ignored the effects of various friction.
(2). All position welding are considered ideal for welding.
According to the requirements of the calculation accuracy , the finite element model subdivided into a grid chart. The part of thin-walled made of the shell elements,part of collar plate are made of solid elements. Completion of the corresponding element real constants and materials parameters define the operating (Young’s modulus EX = 206, the thermal expansion coefficient of 0.45E-6, Poisson’s ratio of 0.28 and a density of 7800).
2). Determine the constraints condition.

In the analysis process, except angular displacement of the x-direction on surface of the hearth roller ends is free. Other linear displacement and angular displacement are restrictions. Symmetry constraints are imposed on symmetry boundary of finite element model, to ensure that the symmetry of deformation.
3). Solving and result processing, By analyzing the deformation and stress distribution of the hearth roll y-axis direction in the billet pressure, weight, torque, and the furnace temperature (1050 ℃) and other loads.
From the results shown in Figure 2
Hearth roller cone body weld stress maximum and lower weld strength here, this may explain the reason that weld fracture is the main failure mode in a way. Therefore, the need to optimize the design through construction to improve stress distribution, to minimize the stress at the weld cone body as possible.

ANSYS analysis of bottom rollers
ANSYS analysis of bottom rollers  Fig 2







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