M25S Nickel alloy castings A 494/A 494M – 09

A 494/A 494M – 09

Standard Specification for Castings, Nickel and Nickel Alloy


UNS NumbersN24025

Alloy FamilyNi-Cu

M25S nickel alloy castings Chemical Requirements






Cu: 27.0-33.0

Fe:max 3.50



M25S nickel alloy castings  Mechanical  Properties

Hardness HB:300 HB minimum for the age hardened condition


Heat Treat Requirements

M25S Class 1 :As cast

M25S Class 2:Load into furnace at 600°F [315°C] maximum. Heat to 1600°F [870°C] and hold for 1 h plus an additional 30 min for each 1⁄2 in. [13 mm] of cross section over 1 in.B Cool to 1300°F [705°C]C and hold at temperature for 30 min then quench in oil to room temperature.

(B:  For cross sections over 6 in. [125 mm], it may be necessary to increase the hold time if maximum softness is desired.)

 M25S.Class 3: Load into furnace at 600°F [315°C] maximum. Heat slowly to 1100°F [605°C] and hold to develop maximum hardness. Furnace or air cool to room temperature


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