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  • As a manufacturer of centrifugal casting for more than 40 years, we have gained lots of experience in making special alloy tubes. We make high-quality products that are used by well-known companies in Europe and North America. Over the years, we have provided many different kinds of tube materials for different industries, including nonferrous metals, cast iron, steel alloys, stainless steel, and bimetallic composite materials. We provide our customers with quality service and timely delivery at competitive prices.

    What We Pour

    Duplex Stainless; Austenitic Stainless; Martensitic Stainless; Heat Resistant Stainless; Precipitation Hardened; Alloy Steel;Carbon Steel;Specialty Irons;

    All our materials are available in  centrifugal casting

    • Castings with an outer diameter of 50mm – 1,800mm.
    • Castings weighing up to 10,000 kgs.

Our Capabilities

Centrifugal casting

Metal Casting

Copper alloy and ferrous metal
Customized centrifugal casting products
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heat treatment1

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment enables metal materials to meet your requirements
Annealing, normalizing, hardening, tempering
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Basic processing, for you to save costs
Lathe, boring machine, grinder, drilling machine, etc
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Qualified welders are available to ensure the quality of products
Arc welding, argon arc welding, shielded welding, submerged arc welding
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Chemical analysis and mechanical testing ensure the inherent quality of the product
Metal spectrometer, UT, dual-phase stainless steel detector, tensile testing...
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Experienced engineer level Outsourcer, let you avoid risk
Familiar with domestic and foreign markets, with professional knowledge of the team
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Our Blog shares experience and knowledge of centrifugal casting of Special Alloy Tube. Enhance mutual understanding and exchange. 

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