Abrasion-Resistant White Cast Iron 15 -ASTM A532_A532M

Abrasion-Resistant White Cast Iron 15

-Mottled abrasion resistant cast iron


2.8  Mottled abrasion resistant cast iron

In order to get the broken net or isolated carbide furthermore to improve the utilization ratio of basic toughness the mottled abrasion resistant cast iron developed. After incomplete annealing the low carbon cast-iron turns to mottled abrasion resistant cast iron. Which has a small amount of graphite and eutectic carbide. After being spheroidizing high carbon molten iron turns to mottled abrasion resistant cast iron. Which  contains spherical graphite and eutectic carbide. The existence of graphite played a role in carbon storage. It significantly improved the toughness of the cast iron. Some manufacturers take use it to make castings. Such as grinding balls and lining plates, etc.


  1. 3. Abrasion resistant white cast iron for composite casting such as bi-metal composite roll and so on

First of all most of the casting process use bimetal composite casting process. Because the casting process can get good abrasion resistance of high chromium white cast iron. That of course can effectively use of such materials. Furthermore can overcome the insuperable functional properties of the material itself. Such as for roll, hammer head and board hammer casting. Consequently which makes the castings composed of two kinds of metal materials as a whole. The working surface is mainly high chromium cast iron. And the non working surface is high toughness and low cost ast metal materials. Therefore it makes the bimetal composite castings safe, reliable and durable.

In conclusion the bimetal composite castings have the advantage of low economical cost.  Finally it also can meet the technical requirement and satisfactory performance.

Table 5 shows the typical components of the composite casting roller and various composite bimetal castings with chromium abrasion resistant white cast iron.


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