Abrasion-Resistant White Cast Iron-Resistant White Cast Iron 3–ASTM A532_A532M

Abrasion-Resistant White Cast Iron 3

-ASTM A532_A532M


Table 1 typical examples of abrasion-resistant materials used in different abrasive wear conditions

Wear category Typical quick-wear parts performance requirement Wear resistant materials
High impact chiseling wear Cone crusher parts,

Large bucket teeth,

Caterpillar board for tanks and tractors and also

Jaw crusher jaw plate

High toughness αk ≥ 150J / cm2,

High strength σb ≥ 700 MPa,

High elongation  δ≥   30 %

High  manganese steel , Mn13, Mn18,

12Mn2Mo, 6Mn1Mo and

High chromium white cast iron- bimetal composite cast steel

Medium impact chiseling wear Impact Hammer Crusher,

Hammer head of medium and small hammer crusher,

ball mill lining and also

Blast furnace bell, strike plate

High strength σb ≥ 700 MPa,

High  hardness  HRC ≥ 50,

A certain toughness

αk ≥ 10 J / cm2

6Cr1Mo ,12Mn2Mo,

Cr15Mo3 white cast iron,

Cr – Ni – Mo white cast iron and also

Cr27 white cast iron

Low impact chiseling wear Hammer head of a crusher,

Ball mill liner, grinding ball,

Excavator crawler board

High  hardness  HRC ≥ 55,

αk ≥ 5  J / cm2

Ni – Hard4# ,Cr15 – Mo3 white cast iron,

Chromium white cast iron in high Si/ C and also

Cr20 – Mo2 – Cu1 white cast iron

High stress wear Limestone roller,

Pulverized coal grinding roll and grinding ball, hammer head,

Cement grinder,

Roller and bottom (scraping) plate for sanding machine

σb = (500~600) MPa,

High  hardness  HRC ≥ 55

Cr15Mo3 (low C type) white cast iron,

Hard nickel white cast iron(Ni – Hard4#),

Cr20 white cast iron,

Cr20 – Mo2 – Cu1 white cast iron

Low stress wear Shot blasting machine blade, guard board,

Sand nozzle,

Excavator bucket teeth (small sized),


Griddler, Screen roller,

Impurity pump overflow component

Turbine blade

High  hardness  HRC ≥ 55,

σb = (300~500) MPa


Pearlitic multivariate low alloy white cast iron,

Cr15Mo3 white cast iron,

Cr15Mo3 white cast iron containing CuTiV,

Chromium white cast iron in high Si/ C,

Duplex stainless steel


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