Abrasion-Resistant White Cast Iron 9-ASTM A532_A532M

Abrasion-Resistant White Cast Iron 9

-high vanadium cast iron


1.3 High vanadium cast iron

The high vanadium abrasion-resistant white cast iron-one of the wear resistant cast iron. Due to its anti-wear properties and comprehensive mechanical properties (especially toughness) then designes the high vanadium cast iron. As a result its properties are more than high chromium wear resistant white cast iron. The hardness of vanadium carbide (HV) is much higher than the hardness of chromium carbide HV. It is well known. And its eutectic carbides are granular (spheroidal). Therefore it plays an active and effective role in the resistance to grinding and mechanical properties.


At present the commonly used vanadium cast iron are 6%V and 1% Cr type. 12%Cr and 9%V type also. Their wear resistance are higher than that of 15-2 type high chromium white cast iron. It is worth pointing out that high vanadium cast iron is not suitable for high temperature anti-wear castings. The maximum temperature should not exceed 700℃.

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