Abrasion-Resistant White Cast Iron 8-ASTM A532_A532M

Abrasion-Resistant White Cast Iron 8

-ASTM A532_A532M


1.2  Alma abrasion-resistant cast iron

Alma abrasion-resistant cast iron is an anti wear cast iron which main alloy element is manganese. The British company research and develope the material. In conclusion there are 3 types: W, WS and also WHS type.


W type is high manganese white cast iron. There are 4 kinds of type: W1, W2, W4 and W12 type. Type W1 is pearlite matrix. And Type W2 is martensitic matrix. The W4 type is the matrix of A body in the cast state by adding more amount of alloying elements. And furthermore it can turns to martensitic matrix after heat treatment. Hence its hardness can reach up to HB650. The eutectic carbide is three surface crystal and prismatic crystal. Consequently its toughness is more than the common white cast iron. The W12 matrix is M + A base. Also Mn and Cr are the main alloying elements. As a result the ball mill lining plate and other anti wear castings are their common application area.


The WS type is martensitic nodular iron with high manganese. The main chemical components are Si (2.5% to 3.6%), Mn (5% to 6%) and Al (1.5% to 2.0%). Therefore the material has high wear resistance property and toughness also. As a result the grinding balls, liners, hammers and other castings are their common application area for this material.


The WHS type – gray cast iron with high manganese. The  main chemical composition are C: 3.5 % ~ 4.25 %, Mn: 7.5 % ~ 8.0 % and Si: 2.5 % ~ 3.5 %.


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