Abrasion-Resistant White Cast Iron 10-ASTM A532_A532M

Abrasion Resistant White Cast Iron 10-ASTM A532_A532M


  1. 2. Brief introduction to the abrasion-resistant white cast iron in China

In China there have two stages on the abrasion resistant white cast iron of the research. Before 60s the main research is ordinary white cast iron, low alloy white cast iron and medium manganese spheroidal graphite white cast iron. And since 70s the high alloy white cast iron it is mainly research material. The main research and development focus on high chromium series white cast iron. High tungsten series white cast iron. And also boron white cast iron. In recent years the study of high chromium series white cast iron have a series of breakthroughs.

Consequently the research on the alloying theory and related production technology of the anti wear white cast iron have great improvement. Eespecially the abrasion resistant material and the production technology of the grinding ball and liner can compare with the international advanced level. Composite bimetal rolls and other bimetal composite materials and production process have formed their own unique production system. Hence the products satisfying the requirements of users.

2.1 Ordinary white cast iron

At present due to isothermal quenching process the matrix structure of the common white cast iron is bainite. As a result the eutectic carbide is granular. Which application area is grinding ball and small liner.

2.2 low alloy white cast iron

The main eutectic carbides in this type of white cast iron are M3C type (HV most in 1100~1400). The distribution of eutectic carbide is reticulate. And the toughness is low. Most of the eutectic carbides application area is the field of low stress abrasive wear. Finally in grinding balls, the commonly used low alloy white cast iron are 1. Cr- Mo – Cu white cast iron. And 2. Manganese molybdenum and manganese tungsten white cast iron. In the following articles we’ll introduce the two low alloy white cast iron.

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