Abrasion-Resistant White Casting Iron 1

White Casting Iron brief introduction

About one hundred years ago abrasion-resistant white casting iron began applying as an anti-wear material when the malleable iron was invented. It has

Wear - resistant white cast iron.
Wear – resistant white cast iron.

experienced from a single species to many varieties. From low alloying to high alloying. From pearlite matrix to martensitic matrix organization.

And from M3C eutectic carbide to M7C3 eutectic carbide phase. Consequently it has achieved systematization and standardization. And also it has become an indispensable functional metal material. As a result it is active material in the field of abrasion-resistant.

Following the nickel hard white cast iron (Ni – Hard), the high chromium white cast iron (Cr 8% ~ 38%) has been studied successively in the United States and other countries since 1930s.

In which Cr15 – Mo3, Cr20 – Mo2 – Cu1 are the typical high chromium white cast iron. It has occupied the dominant position in the field of mining, metallurgy, building materials, electric power, chemical fertilizer and so on.

In conclusion it shows good social and economic benefits.

1. Brief introduction to the abrasion resistant white cast iron

Abrasion resistant white cast iron has gone through 3 rounds. The first generation of ordinary white cast iron. The second generation of nickel hard cast iron Ni – Hard. Furthermore the third generation of high chromium white cast iron.

Now it has reached the level of serialization, standardization and stabilization of production.

High chromium white cast iron and high chromium abrasion resistant steel have occupied the dominant position in the production of abrasion-resistant castings. Such as grinding balls and lining plates.

It shows good performance and good economic benefits.

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