C89844 Bismuth semi-red brass B584

C89844 Bismuth semi-red brass B584


Copper Alloy UNS Number.C89844

Previous Designation

 Commercial Designation: bismuth brass

Chemical  RequirementsComposition% Max Except as Indicated

Major Elements



Lead: 0.2

Zinc: 7.0~10.0

Iron: 0.30

Nickelincl.Cobalt: 1.0

Bismuth: 2.0~4.0

Antimony: 0.25

Residual Elements

Sulfur: 0.08

Phosphorus: 0.05

Aluminum: 0.005

Silicon: 0.005

Mechanical Requirements

Tensile Strength,min

ksi: 28

MPa: 193

Yield Strength,ᴬ min

ksi: 13

MPa: 90

Elongation in 2 in.or 50 mm, min, %: 15


copper alloy castings; copper-base alloy castings; sand castings

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