Six years, CA6NM has been growing with us

How to become a professional supplier of ASTM A743 CA6NM Tube in mining equipment? This post will reply you.

ASTM A487 CA6NM is a new type of steel in 1960s, which is represented by American CA6NM steel and Swedish patent 2RM2 steel. Because of the steel has good comprehensive performance, strength and plastic toughness cooperate proper, with excellent forging, casting, welding, and cold working performance, and service performance, such as corrosion resistance, resistant to corrosion, etc.. CA6NM Tube often used in hydraulic accumulator and iron ore pelletizing industry.

Therefore, in the water and electricity, thermal power, nuclear power, pumps, valves, chemical industry, pressure vessel and all aspects such as military and space applications…

ASTM A743 CA6NM Rollers

The transformation process of Ca6nm is complex, and the martensite channel transformation and inverse austenite transformation occur in the process from the as-cast state to the final heat treatment.

The transformation of martensite structure is accompanied by volume expansion.

If we can’t understand the phase change rule when casting this kind of steel to produce centrifugal casting steel tube, there will be a risk of casting deformation and cracking in the casting and heat treatment process, especially the selection of several key components in the chemical composition is also extremely important.

Therefore, we have carried out a systematic experimental study on the phase transition rule, casting and heat treatment characteristics, and properties of the steel and obtained some regulative results. The results have been applied to the production of centrifugal cast steel tubes and obtained the expected results.

In the year 2015, we received an order from a customer who is an international well-known European and American mining equipment company to produce ASTM A743 CA6NM steel tubes for the iron ore pelletizing industry. The customer is a global leader in the mining equipment industry. And their requirements for products are seriously strict. From the purchase of raw materials, production, and testing to the completion of delivery we strictly control the quality.

Meantime to keep improving we overcome a series of problems encountered in the production process and completed the contract in time. Through the inspection by the third-party inspection agency SGS the products have all conformed to the standard of ASTM A743 CA6NM. Thereby we are recognized by the customer.

Since then, our company has been designated as the exclusive supplier of CA6NM steel tubes by the customer. And the supply has continued up to now. By April 2021, the cumulative supply is close to 10000 pcs of the tube. And the qualified rate is more than 99%. We are trusted by the customer and established a solid business relationship with each other.

In January 2018, a well-known iron mining equipment manufacturer from the Middle East visited our foundry for the CA6NM tube. They were very satisfied with our production process and product quality. We have manufactured nearly 1000 finished rolls for this customer. And we become a long-term supplier and created a solid business relationship with each other.

Through these years of production, we accumulated rich experience in ASTM A487 CA6NM tube production. From steel melting, centrifugal casting, and subsequent heat treatment the process tends to be perfect. Eventually, we become a professional supplier of CA6NM steel tubes. At the same time, we have supplied products for European, Western Asian, and North American customers.


ASTM A487 CA6NM tube specification sheet

Length (mm)
























  • What are the maximum weight and maximum size of the centrifugal cast steel pipe in your company?
    • Maximum weight: 10000KG
    • Maximum length: 6500mm
  • What is the minimum lead time?
  • What is the delivery status of your centrifugal cast steel tubes?
    • Normally, we deliver in the cast or semi-finished condition. More details…
  • What are the most common finished goods delivered in your company?
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