CA40 Steel Tube


Standard for CA40  steel tube : ASTM A743 is a martensitic stainless steel with good machinability. After heat treatment (quenching and tempering), it has excellent corrosion resistance, polishing performance, high strength and wear resistance. It is suitable for manufacturing plastic molds bearing high load, high wear resistance and under the action of corrosive medium. After […]

One container hard to find,why are sea freight soaring?

sea freight soaring

One container hard to find,why are sea freight soaring?   The reason for the rapid rise of sea freight charge in 2021 is the result of many factors. At first, liner companies take the initiative to reduce transport capacity. Then empty containers can not be returned,  resulting in “one container is hard to get“. And then […]

CA6NM:Everything you should konw

CA6NM Cylinder of hydraulic accumulator

For the maker of machine parts, no metal material is best. According to the various characteristics and prices of metal to choose the most appropriate metal materials to manufacture the most cost-effective mechanical parts, is the ultimate goal of customers to choose materials. The following is a brief introduction to CA