Heat Treatment for Special Alloy Tube

Heat Treatment for Special Alloy Tube We have many years of experience in Heat Treatment for Special Alloy Tube for instance austenitizing, quenching, tempering, annealing, and hardening over hundreds of alloys to meet your specification in the end. And also our expertise and facilities will finally deliver the higher properties that you need. We have different heat treatment […]

Sink roll bush structure improvements (1)

The CGL unit annual output 250000 ton, produce width of 800 ~ 1 300 mm, thickness of 0. 3 5 ~ 2. 0 mm. The product varieties are full of hard grade, commercial-grade, high-strength steel. The application are mainly household appliances industry and the construction industry and other fields. Sink roll is located just above […]

Hearth roll of continuous annealing furnace

Hearth roll is one of the most important part of continuous annealing furnace. Its working condition is the decisive factor if annealing furnace can be normal production. Work and structural features of a hearth roll Structures and materials of hearth roll Working at over 800 ℃ in the furnace and rotation under load, meantime mechanical […]

Martensitic stainless steel and austenitic Stainless Steel

-Martensitic stainless steel , austenitic Stainless Steel and duplex stainless steel -1.Austenitic Stainless Steel: It contains more than 18% of chromium, also contains about 8% of nickel. And a small amount of molybdenum, titanium, nitrogen and other elements. Which has good overall performance of corrosion resistant variety of media. And its normal grades are: 1Cr18Ni9、0Cr19Ni9 and […]