Sourcing Decanter centrifuge components: 6 must-knows

decanter centrifuge components

Decanter centrifuge components—Best solution The most important factor to keep in mind when manufacturing decanter centrifuge components or designing a completely new decanter assembly using a cone centrifuge parts casting machine is that the decanter bowl and tube wall thickness must be thin enough to meet design specifications while still providing each Structural integrity required […]

Metal Fabrication for Special Alloy

Nanjing Xinshuo has dependable and outfitted facilities. Coupled with professional assignment operators we provide you with the best suited special alloy products. We presents the level of expertise, techniques and also qualifications to provide wide array of metal products and weldments. Meanwhile we keep control of all tasks of your fabrication requirements with our fully utilized […]

stainless steel pipe CA6NM heat treatment process

Stainless steel pipe CA6NM heat treatment process To ensure high strength, high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance, martensitic stainless steel pipe CA6NM is subjected to have heat treatment. They includes softening treatment, quenching and tempering. By air cooling after forging rolling martensite can be obtained. The softening treatment likewise to reduce the hardness. And […]

Hearth rolls structure optimization and cost control (3)

3. Optimization of the structure of hearth rolls:                                 Link above (1). Diameter of outstretched shaft affect the mechanical properties of the hearth rolls. In Figure 3 shows the results below we can see, with the increase of the diameter, the value […]

Hearth roller structure optimization and cost control(2)

Link above -Hearth roller structure diagram  show Fig 1 2. Finite element analysis of a hearth roll 1) Establish finite element model of the size of the actual structure of the hearth roller. Using software ANSYS of finite element analysis to analysis. In the modeling process of hearth roller  finite element and even more simplify […]

Hearth roller structure optimization and cost control(1)

INTRODUCTION Hearth roller is a typical centrifugal casting pipe fittings. It is one of the important components in support of metallurgical equipment and transport slabs. As a result it has wide application in Continuous casting- rolling production line. In the rolling process first of all to heat the steel slab to 1050 ~ 1150 ℃ rolling […]

Sink roll bush structure improvements (2)

Link above The cracks were found on Stellite6 alloy block part after the structure put into use a period. After analysis the cause of cracks is the welded structure of Stellite6 alloy block and sink roll bush body. In the production the line is under high temperature environment of greater than 600 ℃.The state returns […]

Sink roll bush structure improvements (1)

The CGL unit annual output 250000 ton, produce width of 800 ~ 1 300 mm, thickness of 0. 3 5 ~ 2. 0 mm. The product varieties are full of hard grade, commercial-grade, high-strength steel. The application are mainly household appliances industry and the construction industry and other fields. Sink roll is located just above […]

Martensitic stainless steel and austenitic Stainless Steel

-Martensitic stainless steel , austenitic Stainless Steel and duplex stainless steel -1.Austenitic Stainless Steel: It contains more than 18% of chromium, also contains about 8% of nickel. And a small amount of molybdenum, titanium, nitrogen and other elements. Which has good overall performance of corrosion resistant variety of media. And its normal grades are: 1Cr18Ni9、0Cr19Ni9 and […]

Seamless cold-drawn / cold-rolled steel tubes for precision

Seamless cold-drawn / cold-rolled steel tubes Standard No: EN 10305-1:2002;GB/T 3639-2009 Seamless cold-drawn / cold-rolled steel tubes for precision is one of high precision steel pipe made of fine drawn or cold-rolled. Seamless cold-drawn / cold-rolled steel tubes for precision has following advantages: no oxidation layer on inside/outside wall, without leakage withstand high pressure, high […]