Centrifugal casting machine

centrifugal casting machine

The centrifugal casting is one method of casting. The molten metal is poured into the spinning castingmould. Furthermore under the action of centrifugal force it fills. And finally shapes into the tubular/cylindrical forms


1. Brief introduction

  According to the different direction of rotation axis centrifugal casting machine is divided into horizontal, vertical and inclined types.  For casting various tubular cast such as gray cast iron, ductile iron pipe and gas pipe we use horizontal centrifugal casting machine. Normally the diameter of a minimum of 75 mm, up to 3000 mm. As a result for casting large bore copper roller, carbon steel pipe, alloy pipe and steel roll of double layer material with different compositions we use it. For casting various ring castings and smaller non circular castings we use vertical centrifugal casting machine.

According to the shape, size and production batch the centrifugal casting mould is different. They will be non metal (such as sand, shell or plycast), metal or metal with inner coating layer. Casting speed is an important parameter in centrifugal casting. One is must have the enough centrifugal force to increase the compactness of the casting.  The other is the centrifugal force can not be too large so as not to impede the metal contraction. Especially for lead bronze, centrifugal force is too large will produce the segregation between inside and outside of the casting. In general the casting mould speed is about dozens to 1500 rpm.



The characteristic of centrifugal casting is that the molten metal is poured into the spinning mould, under the action of centrifugal force it fills and shapes into the tubular/cylindrical forms. The casting has good metal feeding effect, compact structure and good mechanical properties. For hollow castings there is no need of casting head, metal utilization rate can be improved greatly. So for specific shape of the casting the centrifugal casting is a process of material saving, energy saving and high efficiency. Meanwhile we must pay special attention to safety measures.


3. System

The system is consist of centrifugal casting unit, pouring unit, adapter tube unit, core-loading device, pipe mould preheating device, water feeding and spraying device, electrical control system and safety protection cover, etc.

a)      Centrifugal casting unit

The unit is the core of the centrifugal casting machine which completes the rotation of pipe mould. Pipe mold speed can be stepless adjustment to meet the process requirements of different diameter. It is consist of main plate base, motor base, adjustable speed motor. And the bearing seat, axis, belt transmission and brake, etc.

b)      Core-loading device

It completes the coating action of pipe mould. Mainly composed by pneumatic components, paint cans and spraying vehicle.

c)      Electrical control system

The pipe mould rotation powered by AC electromagnetic speed motors with stable speed and wide speed adjusting range. Consequently to meet the requirements of different diameters. The electric control system comprises a motor controller, control cabinet, low voltage electrical components, button and indicator lights. It has perfect safety protection measures of interlock, overcurrent and overload.

d)      The auxiliary parts

Safety protection cover, water feeding and spraying device, pouring trough and brackets, etc.

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