Characteristics of X20cr13|420 stainless steel pipe

Standard: AISI420UNS42000, DIN 17440

X20Cr13|420 stainless steel features and scope of application: High hardness at quenching condition, good corrosion resistance. The density of X20Cr13|420 stainless steel is 7.75g/cm3. The quenching hardness of X2Cr13|420 stainless steel: In general X2Cr13|420 stainless steel quenching temperature at 980 1050 . The hardness at 980 oil quenching is obviously lower than 1050 oil quenching. The hardness at 980 oil quenching is 4550HRC. The hardness at 1050 oil quenching is higher than 2HRC. However, the grain is coarse and brittleness. As a result recommend the use of 1000 quenching hardness can be obtained and good organization .

420 stainless steel


  X20cr13|420 stainless steel needs to preheat before welding. It’s no need preheating for welding Q235 with austenitic stainless steel electrode such as A302 and A307. There should control dilution rate, not swing and smaller current used while welding.


Welding consumables can be selected as following:

1. Atmospheric corrosion resistance: G202 and G207preheat 150-300 , 700-730 tempering after welding.

2. Organic acid resistant and heat-resistant: G211, preheat 150-300 .

3. Good plasticity: A102, A107, A202, A207, A302 and A307, preheating for repair welding or thick bulky.


Chemical composition

C 0.160.25



S 0.030

P 0.035


Niallowed contain 0.60

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