Continuous Casting in Copper Special Alloy Tube

Continuous casting is molten metal, constantly poured into the mold. Casting solidification (crust), continuously drawn out from the other side of the mold. It can obtain random long or a specific length of castings.
The advantages:

The process has been widely used in industry,  such as continuous casting (steel or nonferrous metal ingot), continuous casting tube, etc. Comparison this kind of process and general process in foundry, it has the following advantages:
1, Because the metal is rapidly cooling, crystallization density, homogeneity and mechanical properties are all better.
2, Casting no riser gating system, so the concast in rolling and cutting head to tail, saves metal and improves the yield of products;
3, Simplified the working procedure, from modelling to other processes, and thus reduce the labor intensity. Required for production area ia also greatly reduced.
4, The production is easy to realize mechanization and automation, ingot casting as well as realize the continuous casting and rolling, it greatly improves the production efficiency.

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Our product:

Continuous casting zinc alloy rod
continuous-casting astm b505 copper-alloy-pipe
Continuous casting ASTM B505 copper alloy pipe
continuous casting-astm-b505-c85400-brass-pipe
Continuous casting ASTM B505 copper alloy pipe
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