Metal Fabrication for Special Alloy

Nanjing Xinshuo has dependable and outfitted facilities. Coupled with professional assignment operators we provide you with the best suited special alloy products.
We presents the level of expertise, techniques and also qualifications to provide wide array of metal products and weldments. Meanwhile we keep control of all tasks of your fabrication requirements with our fully utilized operations and working capabilities.

Welded Fabrication Ability

Weld facilities include manual, argon arc welding, automatic submerged arc welding and so on. At the same time, on site liquid-penetrate, florescent-penetrate, X-ray test and hydro static testing to make sure all welds and units to meet your requirements.

Broad Integration Abilities

The broad integration of casting, machining and fabrication enables us to give full attention to fabricated assemblies made from centrifugal casting, sand casting and precision casting. We produce massive amount of petrochemical tube assemblies, steel mill rolls, radiant tubes, pipe racks, cracking heater manifolds and other various fabricated assemblies finished by our facilities.

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centrifugal casting
centrifugal casting
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