Introduction to super martensitic stainless steel 1

Super martensitic stainless steel introduction 1

  1.   Normally we call super martensitic stainless steel as soft martensitic stainless steel. Meanwhile we also call them weldable martensitic stainless steel or 13Cr stainless steel. Conventional these martensitic stainless steels usually refer to grades 410, 420 and 431. And the Cr content is about 13% and 17% respectively. Due to lack of sufficient ductility and the sensitivity of the stress cracks during manufacturing process, the weldability is poor. Therefore it has no wide application in the industrial area. And as the result it becomes a kind of material not of much concern in the stainless steel group.
  2.   To overcome these shortcomings, the Swiss introduced the concept of soft martensite in the late 1950s. The original objective was to improve the welding performance of turbine impeller. Then they developed a series of new alloys by reducing the carbon content (maximum carbon content is 0.07%) and increasing the nickel content (3.5%-4.5%). Therefore these alloys have high tensile strength, good ductility, and improved weldability. CA6NM is one of these stainless steel.
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    CA6NM stainless steel
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