Metal Casting of copper alloy and ferrous metal

As an old technology, metal casting is still used today, but the level of technology is constantly improving. If you want to cast products with good internal quality, metal smelting is the foundation. We have rich smelting knowledge and experience, through reasonable process to obtain pure liquid metal and produce high quality castings. The casting process includes centrifugal casting, precision casting, sand casting. Our specialty is centrifugal casting. The main products are: stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron and copper alloy.

metal casting stainless steel
Metal casting stainless steel

Why Centrifugal casting?

  • There is almost no metal consumption of gating system and riser system, and mass production can reduce the cost.
  • The mechanical properties of the castings are uniform. There is no difference in various directions. It is suitable for products with high deformation.
  • It is suitable for producing materials that are difficult to weld and forge.
  • It is easy to manufacture composite metal castings such as steel sleeve, copper sleeve and bimetal roll. When castings forming, centrifugal movement can be used to improve the filling ability of metal, so thin-walled castings can be produced.
Wear-resistant copper sleeve
Centrifugal casting copper sleeve
copper sleeve