Pipe of ASTM A532 Class III Type A

High Chromium White Iron Casting Wear-resistant cast iron is the third-generation wear-resistant material developed after ordinary white cast iron and nickel hard cast iron. Due to the characteristics of its own organization of high chromium cast iron, high chromium cast iron has much higher toughness, high temperature strength, heat resistance and wear resistance than ordinary cast iron. High-chromium cast iron has been hailed as the best anti-abrasive wear material in contemporary times, and is increasingly widely used.

Pipe of ASTM A532 Class III Type A has good abrasion resistance

The good wear resistance of high chromium cast iron mainly depends on its matrix structure and the type and distribution of carbides

High chromium cast iron is a multi-component alloy with Fe, Cr and C as the basic components. The matrix in the high-chromium cast iron that has just solidified is austenite, which is stable when heated to a higher temperature, and is saturated by elements such as C and Cr. When the temperature is lowered, the austenite will transform. Under normal conditions, high-chromium cast iron presents a multiphase structure dominated by austenite. The cast iron of this structure can better exert the potential of the material itself when used at high temperatures.

Elbow of ASTM A532 Class III Type
Elbow for Taichung Power Plant of ASTM A532 Class III Type
pipe of ASTM A532 Class III Type
Abrasion resistant white cast iron tube
pipe of ASTM A532 Class III Type
Centrifugal casting pipe of ASTM A532 Class III Type for Taichung Power Plant

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