PRODUCTS & SERVICES---centrifugal casting machine
centrifugal casting machine
Heat resistant roller
Copper alloy sleeves
Copper alloy sleeves
Special materials pipes

Our products services: we supply high-quality products services such as stainless steel pipe, alloy pipe, centrifugal casting machine & mold, and centrifugal casting products.  The centrifugal casting products include heat treatment furnace accessories, copper alloy sleeves, centrifugal casting rollers & tubes, like radiant tubes, furnace rollers, heath rolls, sink rolls, heat resistant rollers, etc. The above products are used in various industrial applications such as the metallurgy industry, architecture industry, paper industry, petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry, and so on. Also, we can supply high silicon cast iron anodes of all types and sizes. All our products supplied are from the finest quality raw materials that make our products highly reliable and dependable. And the products are highly admired by customers for their superior quality and are highly demanded in the markets.