Resin Sand Casting—-Special alloy

Resin sand casting is to evenly mix the sand and resin, curing agent in the sandbox and mold. By heating or catalyst method makes its shape. Casting after closed box. Resin sand casting is a general designation. Precoated sand is one of them.

1. Because eliminate deformation factors in the process of resin sand molding.

High dimension accuracy of castings.

Surface of casting smooth-faced and clearcutness.

2. Because good resin sand flow, easy to tight, thus save workload, which simplify the modeling operation. High production efficiency and shorten the production cycle.
We produce several different grades of gray iron of casing at our foundries:

gray iron castings

resin sand casting wear resisting
Resin sand casting wear-resisting

Damped G1800…145-201 HBW,
FC150 HC…149-229 HBW,
FC150 B…170-235 HBW,
G3000… 187-241 HBW,
G3500 Base…187-255 HBW,
G3500 Alloyed…207-255 HBW,
G4000 Base …197-269 HBW,
G4000 Alloyed …217-269 HBW,

We produce several different grades of ductile iron castings at our foundries.

Ductile Iron

( ASTM A339)
60-40-18 (HT) …187 HBW max,
65-45-12 …156-217 HBW,
80-55-06 …187-255 HBW,
100-70-03 …241-302 HBW,
120-90-02 (Q&T),
ADI (GRADES 1 – 5),
Carbidic ADI.

Products manufactured:  Hydraulic housings, flywheels, weights, covers, brackets, turbo bearing housings, clutch housings, pulleys, brake rotors, Ductile Iron pipe
Compacted graphite iron
Compacted graphite iron has characteristics midway between ductile and gray iron and combines many of the properties of both.

Abrasion Resistant Cast Iron (ASTM A532)

Wear and Abrasion Resistant Cast Irons (White Irons)
Abrasion Resistant cast irons are widely used in abrasive wear applications involved in the crushing, grinding, milling and handling of abrasive materials such as minerals and ores, both dry and as slurry.
Markets served:  Agriculture, construction, commercial vehicle ,material handling, hydraulics, power tools, and power transmission, Mining, metallurgy, power plant, cement etc.

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