Sink roll bush structure improvements (1)

The CGL unit annual output 250000 ton, produce width of 800 ~ 1 300 mm, thickness of 0. 3 5 ~ 2. 0 mm. The product varieties are full of hard grade, commercial-grade, high-strength steel. The application are mainly household appliances industry and the construction industry and other fields.

Sink roll is located just above the zinc pan. when unit continuous product, strip steel is imported into zinc pot , the strip steel is immersed in liquid zinc by the sink roll and changed direction. that is, from entering into the zinc pot, dip into zinc pot, galvanized layer solidification & cooling. And  also to be entering the air knife, the strip steel remains stable and flat. With the movement of the strip steel rotating, sink roll bush supported by the bracket of both sides. The bush acts as a sliding bearing.

1. Bush problems in production

CGL unit sink roll and stabilizing roll off the line after use we found Stellite 6 alloy block had cracks on semicircle parts of the bush. Even alloy block broken. Consequently which affect the normal use of the bushing and resulting in stall phenomenon of stable roll and correction rollers. After analysis and research of the structure and also working condition the structure of bush has more improved to avoid cracks.

  •  The original design structure using a semicircle and a 1 / 4 circle, two Stellite6 alloy blocks are welded with bush body, shown in Figure 1.
sink roll bush

Figure1  original design structure diagram

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