Sink roll bush structure improvements(3)

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-Sink roll bush structure improvements 3

c. Considering the material expansion coefficient of Sellite6 alloy and 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 is not the same. The proper clearance retained between part 2 and part 4. And to prevent zinc adhesion between part 2 and part 4 causes applied force to part 2. That is because sink roll bush returned to normal temperature after bush off lined.  Similarly the graphite gaskets installed in the gap between part 2 and the part 4.

d. After rollers mounted the gap between the shaft end and the bush inner end is less than the gap between the roll end and the roll arm stopper. Consequently the actual use of the process it could easily lead to shaft end wear at first then the roller head was worn after. Therefore Sellite6 alloy part (part 2) put to the bush in the middle in order to increase the gap between the inner roll arm and sink roll shaft end.


3. Conclusion

Through the four improvements of optimizing the bush structure we resolve the problem of the stall and crack in the production. It greatly extended its working life.

After Improved structure of the liner – Figure 4.
After Improved structure of the liner – Figure 4.



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