Special Alloy Tube Testing Inspection

We can provide accurate parameters in the laboratory to assure the products quality. We follow ISO 9001 standards on each procedure and keep excellent relationship with numerous universities, institutions and certified third parties.
We have high quality laboratory equipment and fully trained and certified metallurgists. They are responsible for material analysis of each process and check qualified melt stock. They take numerous tests like chemical composition, mechanical properties, hardness test etc., to meet customers’ requests. At the same time they should record the furnace batch of each process to assure traceability. Each step has stringent specification.
We can offer required tests and provide certification as following list:
◇ Chemical Analysis (on-site testing with in house spectrometers)
◇ Mechanical Testing
◇ Hardness Testing
◇ Impact/Charpy Testing
◇ Ultrasonic Testing
◇ Radiography (X-ray) Testing
◇ Dye/Liquid penetrate Examination
◇ Magnetic Particle Inspection
◇ Hydraulic Examination
◇ Heat Treatment
◇ Dimensional Inspection
◇ Microstructure
◇ Certified third party Inspection in site