X2Cr13 + QT conveyor roller of rolling mill


X2Cr13 + QT conveyor roller of rolling mill: Products type: X2Cr13 Conveyor roller of rolling mill. Producing Date:2015-1. Material: 2Cr13 + QT conveyor roller Forgings, Martensitic stainless steel. Country:Germany. Client:SMS–DEMAG. The  conveyor roller of rolling mill producing process: Forged round  of martensite—- Tempered —- Rough machining—- Finishing —-Inspection— Packaging. The material is a chrome-alloyed heat treatable steel with medium […]

stainless steel pipe CA6NM heat treatment process

Stainless steel pipe CA6NM heat treatment process To ensure high strength, high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance, martensitic stainless steel pipe CA6NM is subjected to have heat treatment. They includes softening treatment, quenching and tempering. By air cooling after forging rolling martensite can be obtained. The softening treatment likewise to reduce the hardness. And […]

Characteristics of X20cr13|420 stainless steel pipe

special alloy tube

Standard: AISI420,UNS42000, DIN 17440 X20Cr13|420 stainless steel features and scope of application: High hardness at quenching condition, good corrosion resistance. The density of X20Cr13|420 stainless steel is 7.75g/cm3. The quenching hardness of X2Cr13|420 stainless steel: In general X2Cr13|420 stainless steel quenching temperature at 980 ~ 1050 ℃. The hardness at 980 ℃ oil quenching is […]

Martensitic stainless steel pipe 410, 420, 430

Martensitic stainless steel pipe 410, 420, 430 etc.are similar to low alloy or carbon steels, having a structure similar to the ferritic steels. However, due the addition of carbon, they can be hardened and strengthened by heat treatment, in a similar way to carbon steels. The main alloying element is chromium, typically 12 to 15%, molybdenum […]