Hearth rolls structure optimization and cost control (3)

3. Optimization of the structure of hearth rolls:                                 Link above (1). Diameter of outstretched shaft affect the mechanical properties of the hearth rolls. In Figure 3 shows the results below we can see, with the increase of the diameter, the value […]

Hearth roller structure optimization and cost control(2)

Link above -Hearth roller structure diagram  show Fig 1 2. Finite element analysis of a hearth roll 1) Establish finite element model of the size of the actual structure of the hearth roller. Using software ANSYS of finite element analysis to analysis. In the modeling process of hearth roller  finite element and even more simplify […]

Hearth roller structure optimization and cost control(1)

INTRODUCTION Hearth roller is a typical centrifugal casting pipe fittings. It is one of the important components in support of metallurgical equipment and transport slabs. As a result it has wide application in Continuous casting- rolling production line. In the rolling process first of all to heat the steel slab to 1050 ~ 1150 ℃ rolling […]