W-type Radiant Tube Burner

Abstract:By comparative test on the surface temperature distribution of W-type radiant tube with different burner structure,the main factors having effect on tube temperature uniformity for coaxially parallel jet burner are analyzed. The results show that the temperature of forepart tuber elevates. Meanwhile the temperature of posterior tube decreases with increase of gas speed. At the […]

Radiant tube gas heating furnace

Radiant tube gas heating furnace is a kind of gas radiant tube heating device. Gas radiant tube heating device is burning in the sealing sleeve. Furthermore through the sleeve surface heated by thermal radiation as the main form to transfer heat to the heated object. And not with the heated object contact.   Tube heating […]

Centrifugal casting stainless steel products

      Radiant tubes type: U-type, W-Type, 0-Type, P-type, L-Type, S-Type. Similarly straight-type and also electric radiant tubes. Application: One of centrifugal casting stainless steel products. The radiant tubes are working at high temperature environment on average: 800-1200° C. Therefore most of them are used for indirect heating to furnace like CAL (continuous annealing line). […]