Sink roll bush structure improvements(3)

Link above -Sink roll bush structure improvements 3 c. Considering the material expansion coefficient of Sellite6 alloy and 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 is not the same. The proper clearance retained between part 2 and part 4. And to prevent zinc adhesion between part 2 and part 4 causes applied force to part 2. That is because sink roll […]

Sink roll bush structure improvements (2)

Link above The cracks were found on Stellite6 alloy block part after the structure put into use a period. After analysis the cause of cracks is the welded structure of Stellite6 alloy block and sink roll bush body. In the production the line is under high temperature environment of greater than 600 ℃.The state returns […]

Sink roll bush structure improvements (1)

The CGL unit annual output 250000 ton, produce width of 800 ~ 1 300 mm, thickness of 0. 3 5 ~ 2. 0 mm. The product varieties are full of hard grade, commercial-grade, high-strength steel. The application are mainly household appliances industry and the construction industry and other fields. Sink roll is located just above […]

Centrifugal casting stainless steel products

      Radiant tubes type: U-type, W-Type, 0-Type, P-type, L-Type, S-Type. Similarly straight-type and also electric radiant tubes. Application: One of centrifugal casting stainless steel products. The radiant tubes are working at high temperature environment on average: 800-1200° C. Therefore most of them are used for indirect heating to furnace like CAL (continuous annealing line). […]