Working conditions for wear resistant zinc base alloy

Wear resistant zinc based alloy
zinc based die casting alloy

The wear resistant zinc base alloy with high-strength is a new wear-resistant, anti-friction material that can be widely used in metallurgy, lathe, pumps, rubber, plastics, paper, steel roll, petroleum, mining, cement, lifting, valves and shipbuilding industries etc.Wear resistant zinc base alloy have replaced traditional copper alloys and Babbitt to manufacture sleeves (Watts), worm gear, nuts, slider, guide, bearing cages and other wear-resistant, anti-friction parts.


Wear resistant zinc base alloy have many advantages while working such as good affinity for oil with full film while working, several times higher thermal conductivity than copper alloys, fast heat dissipation, non-magnetic, maintain a low temperature while working, high performance of anti-bite. Die casting zinc based alloy with high-strength has excellent machining ability, cutting speed is several times than that of grey cast iron, same as brass, and very small wear and tear. In addition, Wear resistant zinc base alloy with high-strength does not produce residual stresses due to machining. However pls pay attention on the following:

1. It is recommended to use following alloy grades and working conditions

a. .ZZnAl11Cu5Mg(ZA11-5)≤100

b. .ZZnAl27Cu2Mg(ZA27-2)≤130

c. .ZZnAl35Cu2Mg(ZA35-2)≤160

d. .ZZnAl10Cu5Mg(ZZnAl10-5)≤100

2. Surface run- line speed V≤7.1m/s

3. Bearing pressure P=300T/m²

4. No directly in contact with the acid or alkali solution.

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