X2Cr13 + QT conveyor roller of rolling mill

X2Cr13 + QT conveyor roller of rolling mill:

Products type: X2Cr13 Conveyor roller of rolling mill.

Producing Date:2015-1.

Material: 2Cr13 + QT conveyor roller

Forgings, Martensitic stainless steel.



The  conveyor roller of rolling mill producing process: Forged round  of martensite—- Tempered —- Rough machining—- Finishing —-Inspection— Packaging.

The material is a chrome-alloyed heat treatable steel with medium carbon content. Which is rust proof. Consequently it has a good corrosion resistance. For the reason that its chrome content in moderate aggressive, non chloric substances like soap, solvents and organic acid.

This material shows its highest corrosion resistance with fine grinded and polished surface. The machinability of the material is comparable with alloyed heat treatable steels. Similarly causes no significant difficulties.

The material can be hardened by holding the temperature between 950°C and 1050° C with a subsequent cooling in air, oil or polymer.  The strength of the material depends on the tempering temperature.There are two heat treatment conditions. One is QT700 and the other is QT800. The application of this material is in mechanical engineering and power engineering.

X2Cr13 roller
X2Cr13 + QT conveyor roller of rolling mill
X2Cr13 conveyor roller of rolling mill

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