White Cast Iron ASTM A532_A532M

White Cast Iron 25-ASTM A532_A532M

  • 5.4 Bimetal composite material and composite casting process

Many parts are in the field of not only high stress but also high impact load abrasive wear. In view of the fact that it not only require good abrasion resistance but also require good strength and toughness. The compound casting process makes the casting a composite with two kinds of material properties at the same time. The process is with high chromium white cast iron-steel bimetal composite material. Which greatly improves the service life time of the vulnerable parts.

High chromium white cast iron and cast steel bimetal composite material play the good antiwear properties. It has the same abrasion resistant property of high chromium white cast iron. At the same time it also played a good strong toughness of cast steel, parts abrasion and impact resistance. So that it can ensure the safety in the process of using reliability and durability. With bimetal composite casting technology we can produce a large variety of compound castings. Such as ball mill liner (Ø  5m x Ø 15.6m), large excavator bucket teeth. And also various specifications of jaw crusher jaw plate, various hammer head, board hammer and so on. Its lifetime is 4~8 times higher than that of a single high manganese steel.

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