Composite rollers of centrifugal casting

Production of High Chromium Cast Iron-Cast Steel Bimetallic Cylinder Liners Using Composite Rollers Centrifugal Casting Process

High-chromium cast iron-cast steel bimetallic cylinder liners are produced by composite centrifugal casting, and the qualified rate of the products is as high as 95%, and the first-class product rate is as high as 90%.

The test results in the oil field show that under the same test conditions, the service life of the bimetal composite rollers of centrifugal casting  is three times longer than that of the baked 38CrMoAl cylinder liner used in the original oil field, and 5~6 times higher than that of the single carbon steel cylinder liner;It is equivalent to the hot-loading life of high-chromium cast iron imported from abroad.

In addition, the outer layer is made of high-chromium cast iron, and the inner layer is made of high-strength cast iron. The roller sleeve with an outer diameter of 1219mm casted by  composite centrifugal  casting has a service life of more than 7,000 hours, which exceeds that of rollers(3000~4000h) produced by static casting and wear-resistant electrode surfacing technology.

Centrifugal Casting of Composite Rollers for Roll Crusher

The grinding roller needs to withstand the strong wear of the iron alloy in the process of use, and needs to have high hardness and good wear resistance, and also must have a certain strength and toughness to prevent fracture in the later period of use.

In the past, 70Mn2 cast steel was often used, which has low hardness and poor wear resistance.

We use composite centrifugal casting process to produce composite rollers, the outer layer is high chromium wear-resistant cast iron, and the inner layer is low alloy medium carbon cast steel.

The outer diameter of the grinding roller is 790mm, the length is 1200mm, and the thickness of the working layer is greater than 40mm. We design the thickness of the wear-resistant layer of high-chromium cast iron to be 50mm, and the thickness of the inner layer of cast steel to be 80mm.

After the composite rollers is normalized, the surface hardness of the roller is greater than 62HRC, and it has good wear resistance. The inner layer is a fine pearlite structure, which has good strength and toughness.

The composite grinding roller is used for crushing ferroalloy in the special steel plant. It is safe to use, without the phenomenon of broken rollers, internal and external delamination and breakage. The wear is uniform, and the service life is more than 3 times longer than that of 70Mn2.

composite rollers for roller crusher
composite rollers of double roll granulator
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