Machining of Centrifugal Casting Tubes

XS company has ability of the rough machining of centrifugal casting tubes, which can efficiently remove most of the margins of the parts and make the benchmark products for subsequent processing. The machining precision that can be achieved by rough turning is IT12~IT11, and the surface roughness Ra is 50~12.5μm

What are the benefits of rough machining?

Machining of Centrifugal Casting Tubes
  1. After the centrifugal cast pipe processing is divided into stages, the rough machining can be large cutting amount and large feed. However, the machining errors caused by factors such as large machining allowance and large cutting force can be gradually corrected through semi-finishing and mechanical finishing to ensure the processing quality.
  2. Reasonable use of processing equipment. Roughing and finishing have different requirements for processing equipment. After the processing stages are divided, the characteristics of the rough and fine processing equipment can be fully utilized. Make rational use of equipment to improve production efficiency. The roughing equipment has high power, high efficiency and strong rigidity. High precision of finishing equipment. The error is small and meets the requirements of the drawings.
  3. The rough machining is first, and the defects of the workpiece can be found in time. Various defects of the blank, such as blisters, pores and insufficient machining allowance, can be found after rough machining, which is convenient for timely repair or decision to scrap, so as to avoid waste of working hours and costs after continuing processing.
  4. Reasonably arrange the cold and heat treatment process. The residual stress of the workpiece after thermal processing is relatively large, and the rough and finishing are separated. Aging can be arranged to eliminate the residual stress, and the subsequent cooling after finishing can be arranged to eliminate its deformation.
  5. The rough machining is arranged in the front, and the mechanical finishing and smoothing are arranged in the rear, which can protect the surface after finishing and smoothing from abrasion.