Metal Testing & Analysis of Special Alloy tube

Metal Testing & Analysis of Special Alloy tube

Metal Testing & Analysis has not only  trained and certified technician but also equipped with precise instruments. Such as non-destructive testing (NDT), mechanical testing, chemical analysis and further more balancing test  for quality assurance to meet customer’s requirements.

Non-destructive testing

 Our technicians are fully trained and  certified too. As well we have high quality testing instruments meanwhile. The non-destructive testing are presently as following:

X-ray and film processing

Liquid penetrant inspection

testing & analysis
Ultrasonic examination

Magnetic particle inspection

Ultrasonic examination

Hydrostatic testing

Mechanical Testing

Coupled with advanced instruments we’re pursuing the first quality of products. At present the following mechanical tests are normally used:

Tensile testing both at ambient and elevated temperatures

mechnical testing
mechnical testing  

Impact testing / Charpy

Brinell & Rockwell hardness testing

Metallography testing

Our chemical analysis capabilities include:

The trained technician and equally important the precise instruments can be sure the high quality products in the end.

Chemical analysis using Optical Emission Spectrometers

Portable spectrometer for finished parts and welds

Carbon sulfur determinator

Metal testing & analysis
chemical analysis
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