One container hard to find,why are sea freight soaring?

One container hard to find,why are sea freight soaring?

  1.   The reason for the rapid rise of sea freight charge in 2021 is the result of many factors.
  • At first, liner companies take the initiative to reduce transport capacity.
  • Then empty containers can not be returned,  resulting in “one container is hard to get“.
  • And then the port operation efficiency reduced, resulting in the ship operation efficiency reduction.
  • The fourth is the lack of effective supply of ships due to the limitation of crew epidemic.
  • the fifth is the further reduction of operation efficiency due to various emergencies.
  • the sixth is the rising demand of international cargo trade.
  • And the last is the boost of container liner sales mode. 

The above reasons have been pushed forward one by one. Any targeted measures may have little effect on curbing the sea freight soaring.

sea freight soaring

2.  Behind the above reasons, the state of COVID-19 is the key to determining container shipping charges. In the absence of successful containment of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the fact that production and public life in all countries of the world can not return to normal, the uncertainty of the global container liner market is increasing.


3.  At present, shippers generally have no idea to deal with the shortage of shipping container. Under the pressure of the delivery date agreed in the contract, they can only be forced to accept the rapidly rising freight charge. This has been a great challenge to the zero inventory goal pursued by global supply chain management. The game between inventory and freight charge will become a problem for supply chain managers in the future.

The price increase is in progress!!!

sea freight charge
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