Tooling & Pattern for Alloy Manufacturing

Nanjing Xinshuo have not only experienced experts but also have fully equipped pattern workshop. We have advanced knowledge and control of both.

Alloy Manufacturing—Tooling & Pattern: 


1. Technology: Because of above tooling & pattern technology  therefore combined with casting processes we’re pursing supply high integrity products for your application in each area. Of course we can develope custom patterns and fabrications especially employing optimal materials based on required life and also tolerance.

2. Pattern Type: The patterns can be wood, metal, synthetics, polystyrene and others for your final requirements. So we can produce high integrity castings especially manage critical casting design factors. For instance volumetric shrink, strength, flow dynamics and solidification,etc.  That is to say we do our best to meet the req

uirements of each customer.

Lost foam casting mold
Lost foam casting mold
pattern 2
Tooling & Pattern


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